Sunday, 28 June 2015

2015 Canberra - Sunday Day Four

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Year 6
Today we went to church at St Andrews and it was an awesome experience. We learnt how Jesus did amazing miracles and how Jesus saved us. After that, we had morning tea and then had some fun riding on unicycles and ringing the bells of the church. We all loved the activities and had great time.
Hi Mum and Dad.
Jamie Hutchinson
Hello everyone!
Today the year 6 & 7 classes went to the high court and we got to see where the cameras are in court. Our host also talked about the court room and we saw the paintings of the most famous High Court Judges. In the courtroom, there was a massive tapestry that had symbols on it. Each of the symbols represented a state of Australia.
By Sam Morgan-Power

Hi everyone back home! This is Joel.
Today we went to many places but I am writing about the War Memorial. The first thing we did when we got there was to go to the gift shop. After purchasing a few things, we then walked around the museum and looked at the names of the fallen on the Roll of Honour wall. At the end of the day, our school attended the memorial service. I thought the bugle was cool.
Hi mum and dad! Missing you,
Today, the year 6 & 7 classes went up to Mt Ainslie and viewed the city. It was awesome! We all went there the night before but we went there again to see Canberra during the day. While we were there an eagle appeared in the sky above us. We all enjoyed it very much.
Hello everyone,
Today was the 28th of June we went to the High Court.  At the High Court we got a tour by Morrie, who took us into courtroom 3.  In the court room he told us about what he does and what you do in the court room.  Aft he talked about the buildings’ history we had a question time and we were on our way.   Charlotte.
Today we went to the High Court, we weren’t there for long but we did find out about the High Court.  They have three courtrooms.  We went into courtroom 3.  It was designed well for a court room.  I enjoyed it very much and I love you very much Mum.  Madisan.
Today we woke up at 6.30am and we all got up and went into the cafeteria and once everyone had finished we got on the bus to go to St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  When we got to church we all went into the main area of the church and we all sat down on the row of chairs.  This really nice guy came into the main area of the church and talked to us about how Jesus died for us and how God gave up his only Son for us, but we only stayed for about an hour and then after that we went to the church hall.  We watched a little slide show about how Canberra was made and also about a bible verse.  After all that we went outside to have morning tea.  Then everyone had a chance of bell ringing, juggling or riding on a unicycle.  We also got to have a look around at the inside of the church.  My favourite thing of the day was all the fun we had after the church service.

Dear Mum,
I love you very much and I am also having a really good time but it is very cold.
Love from Asha.
Year 7
Today we all went to a church service.  We had fun ringing bells, singing songs, juggling and riding unicycles.  The building was beautiful.  The whole morning there was great.  I miss you all over here.
Today we went to a St Andrew’s church, Mount Ainslie look out and the War Memorial.  My favourite part of today was the look out when I got to see my half-brother, his friend Emma and her dog Bain.  Today was a fun day and I enjoyed it a lot.  Skye.
Hi everyone,
Today the Year 7’s and I went to the High Court.   We learnt a lot of stuff.  It was awesome fun.  We didn’t stay get to stay long though but we enjoyed it while it lasted.
Hi Mum, Dad, Liam, Riley and Mason,
I am having a great tie here and I miss you so much!  I will how you all the pictures and tell you all about it.  Love Chelsea.
Hi Mum,
Today we went to the War Memorial again and looked at the WWI and WWII areas.  We looked at all the exhibits.  There were dioramas of the battles which were cool.
From Travis.
Dear Mum, Dad & Georgia,
Today we went to the war memorial. It was so amazing!
Before we left the War Memorial we got to watch the last post ceremony. It was awesome! Our school laid three wreaths. Miss you all, love you all.

Love Jennaya.


  1. Sounds amazing Jennaya. Was beautiful to hear your voice yesterday glad you're enjoying it. Have a ball in the snow tomorrow.
    See you in two days lots of love Dad and Georgia

  2. Hi Ewan. It looks like you are all having fun. I hope the weather isn't too cold for you. We went to Supanova today and we got another autograph for your Hobbit book. Love you and miss you and can't wait to hear all your exciting news. Lots of love for always and ever Mum, Dad, Lara and all the fur babies. xxxx

  3. Hi Jennaya:)!! Sounds like you've had another interesting day beautiful girl. Can't wait to see all of your photos and to hear every little bit about all the fun your having! Snow day will be amazing and so exciting - don't forget to make snow angels if your not too freezing!!!
    Love you loads Gorgeous girl, see you very soon
    Love Mum and Georgia xxxx

  4. Hi Jaime,
    Wow what beautiful photos of you and your class mates.
    We eagerly await the update of your next adventures.
    We watched you all at the last post ceremony yesterday.
    What an exciting adventure!
    Looking forward to giving you a big hug.
    But wishing you lots of fun for your science and snow activities.
    Eagerly awaiting your return loving you lots mum, dad and jess xxx

  5. Hi Chelsea, It sounds like you are having a great time. We love seeing the photos of what you are all getting up to each day. I recorded the last post ceremony for you to watch when you get home. We all miss you very much and look forward to seeing you when you get back. Love from all of us xxxx

  6. Great smiling picture of you Sammy, we watched the last post ceremony but didn't see you, You have got the snow tomorrow, Mad is soooo jealous. Axel got a trophy at the Lure coursing - he was the fastest dog, Charly was the fastest small dog and Smurf was the grumpiest. Lots of love from Mum, dad and Mad xoxoxox

  7. Hello Travis!!!! I have been missing you so much but am really enjoying the photos and reading the daily blog. You look like you are having such a great time �� I love you lots & lots
    Love from Mum xxxx <3

  8. Hi Giorgia, I love seeing what you guys are up to in the photos each day and I LOVED getting to chat with you yesterday. Miss you like crazy and can't wait to hear your adventure stories. We are all ready for you to be home now. Enjoy your snow day tomorrow. Love love love you, Mum & Dad xxxx

    Hi Giorgia, it's Kai here. I miss you and can't wait for you to get home. xxx

  9. Hi Asha. Thank for your message. Next time dont go on so long hey...😉.
    Dad says "Hi and love you and hurry up and come home so I can boss you around to boss your brother and sister around hahaha. Big smoochy wet kisses love from Dad xoxo"
    Skye says "Hello Asha, I hope you've had a good time in Canberra and I'll see you in 2 sleeps."
    Cade says "I hope you're having a nice time. Please stay there so I'm the oldest hahaha. Bring lots of presents mwahahaha."
    I'm sorry, I didn't edit them, you know what they're like lol. Can't WAIT to see you. Enjoy the snow, we are so jealous!! Love you lots baby xoxo

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