Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thursday Day One

Year 7

So far the trip has been good.  The plane trip was a fun but boring at times.  There were many things to do such as watch movies, play games and listen to songs.  So far the highlight of the trip was going to the War Memorial.  The best part of the War Memorial was the Discovery Zone, where you could go in an old helicopter.  That was really cool because it shook a little.  It was also cool going in the pretend trenches. 
Miss you Mum and Dad, Tom.

To Mum, Dad and Keegan,      
                                                                                                      We We went to the War Memorial for a little while today.  While we were there we looked at soldiers, submarines, planes and boats.  All of them were very cool. I miss you guys a lot and I love you all. Kade.

The day started with an awakening from Mrs Kitlar and a crisp morning.  Then off to start the beginning of our Canberra journey.  The War Memorial was exciting, interesting and very cool.  It really gave you an idea of what war was like.  We then travelled to the Mint and the Old Parliament House.  We are now home but very tired, looking forward to tomorrows’ events. 

We started the day at Government House, the home of the Governor General. My favourite place to visit today was the Australian Mint.  We also went to the War Memorial.  It was a 10/10 for everything.  It is perfect for all ages.  We went to the Hall of Valour and we had to pick a story. I chose to read about Private  Robert  Cuthbert  Grieve.
The Memorial took me on a journey where no book or movie could have.  I’ve learnt many things that will stay as highlights of my childhood.       

Year 6

Today we woke up and we had our showers and went to breakfast.  Then we headed off to the Governor General’s home where we got a tour of the house.  It was huge.  A pleasant experience and we went on the bus.
 Joshua Sanders.

One of the many places we went today was the Australian War Memorial.  We got to see and touch real things they used in the war, like helicopters, planes, trenches and more.  We also got to walk around the museum.  At the end of the day we went to bed, ready for a big day tomorrow.                                                      

Hey Mum, Dad, Tristan and Heather.  I am just letting you guys know that I’m all good and safe and that the flight was great because there were some awesome movies.
 I love you, Ethan.

At 11.00am today we arrived at the War Memorial.  We had a look mainly at the wars that Australia was involved in.  The first thing we had a good look at was the Discovery Zone.  Everybody got to touch and look at things.  This included things like life in the trenches, life while the war was on, living in the submarines, helicopters and more.  After discovery zone, we all went to the light show and watched an amazing show about the men in the helicopters during the war.  It was crazy!  When the light show finished, sadly we split up into groups and did a self-guided tour.  We all had an amazing time. 

On the 25th of June, Year 6, the Year 7 and Carnarvon students arrived at the Royal Australian Mint to be greeted by Jo to give us a tour around.  First we were given time to browse around the gift shop.  After that, we headed upstairs to the educational room where we watched a video on how to make real gold coins.  After that, we left the educational room and saw a big wall about history of Australian coins.  Then we went on a bridge where you could see the people and robots at work.  We saw two robots called Titan and Robbie in the factory and Titan was showing off.  After that, we headed downstairs and back to the bus.  It was really fun at the Mint. 

At 3.45 we arrived at the Electoral Education Office our tour guide name was Sarah.  She taught us how to vote.  We watched a movie about the history of voting.  Then we played games to do with voting.  We did a preferential vote on fruits, which were orange, apple, peach and banana.  Apple won in the end.  We had a lot of fun. Today was great!                                                                                                  
Hi Mum and Dad, I’m having so much fun, love you.



  1. Hi Mia,
    Hope your having a blast.
    We all miss you, Jelly keeps setting a spot for you at the table not realising your away for the week. Have fun.
    Love Mum, Dad, Ebony, Brandon, Phoebe and Jelly

  2. Hi Riley

    I bet you had a great time at the war memorial, I am watching Freo v Collingwood and Freo are losing by 2 points boo hoo of you were here you would be giving me a hard time haha, love you lots mum dad and Chloe xx

  3. Hi Josh
    Looks like you are having a great time! Good to see some photos of you in the blog! Hope the weather is not too cold for your liking! Have fun and take photos! Miss & Love you Mwah Mum, Dad, Dan, Matt, Barney & Jack xxxx

  4. Hi James,
    Hope you're having a fantastic time so far and haven't spent all your money at the Mint 👌
    Scruffy keeps looking for you and squeaking her toys very loudly 🐶
    Miss you and love you heaps Mum, Dad, Alicia, Shadow and Scruffy ( squeak squeak ) xxo

    Miss you and love you heaps Mum, Dad

  5. Hi Ewan
    We hope you are having a fantastic time. We have seen you in some of the pictures. Remember to take lots of photos for us. We all miss you and Lara is very jealous. Lots and lots of love Mum, Dad, Lara and Poppy, Pepi, Paddy and Dax.

  6. Hello Jacob
    Hope you are having a wonderful time and staying nice and warm.
    haven't seen you in any photos yet, missing you heaps!! very quiet here
    love mum dad and Kyle

  7. Hey Matt,
    We hope you are having a fantastic time and staying nice and warm. It is definately quieter at home without you!! Dad said to remind you to take photos. Remember we love you and are praying for you all. Love Mum, Dad, Justin and Kaitlin xxxx

  8. Hi Jonathan, how are you darling? We miss you so much already and can't wait to see you and to hear all about your wonderful experience of this trip. The house is empty without you in it. Have fun, enjoy your time and be safe and warm. Love you so much; Mum, Dad, Andrew, Peter and Lydia.

  9. Hey Sam don't forget to take lots of photo's, hope your having a great time, say hello to Trin. Maddy (your sister)

  10. It sounds like you're having a great time. Love you too Kade, Mum Dad and Keegan.

  11. Hey Sam, hope your having fun and learning lots, Dockers beat Collingwood by 1 goal last night. lots of love Dad xxxx

  12. Hey Kade,I hope you're having lots of fun and I miss you very much. Love you, Keegan.

  13. Hi Jennaya
    Hope you're having a fantastic time. Missing you heaps, stay warm and take lots of photos.
    Lots of love Dad and Georgia

  14. Hi Amber
    Hope you are having a great time miss you heaps, Ace, Harry and Hyper are all good. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Jayde and Jack

  15. Hi Jordy,
    We miss you heaps. Looks like you are having an awesome time and learning heaps of interesting things. Keep having fun and enjoy,
    Loads of love, Mum, Dad, Zack and Mia xxxx

  16. To Jennaya
    We hope your having the best time ever!! Love your guts!! 💜 Aunty Mel, Uncle Jay, Jack, Alex and Will xxxxxx

  17. To Jennaya missing you heaps. Have fun!! can't wait to hear all about it! Lots of love Aunty Claire Uncle Paul and Ella xxx

  18. Hello Chelsea, We have just been looking at the photos with Gramma, They are excellent. Liam is missing your help in the mornings, Riley and Mason are missing your hugs!! Looks like you are having a great time, Miss you lots. Love from all of us XXX

  19. Hi Emily,
    It sounds like you're having a great time. It certainly sounds like you're doing more interesting stuff than we are :-). We hope you're not too cold.
    Miss you loads.
    Lots of love,
    Mum, Dad and Elliot

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  21. Hi Anna ,
    I am sure you are having the time of your life and enjoying every moment of this great adventure. Good to see you smiling on the picture and the blue sky. I hope you are looking after yourself and keep warm .
    Our trip to Sydney is great. Beautiful city with a lots of history. We went on the boat cruise around harbour . It was great to see iconic Australian places with your own eyes ! We also had a trip to Blue Mountains. The view is breathtaking ! They have a few rides that runs from top to the bottom of the mountain . One of them is the steepest train truck in the world with the angle of 57 degrees and it almost drops through dark tunnel ! We keep thinking and talking about you and often wondering whether you would like this or that.
    Maree texted us pictures of our kitties in their baskets. They looked rather content and I am not sure if they miss us.
    We are looking forward to hear all about your trip and see all of the photos.
    Love , Mum and Dad. XXXX

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  23. Hi James B.
    Hope you are having a great time. Very quiet here Jordan has got no one to tease. You'll be happy to note he started one dad last night and made him a cup of tea with chilli powder. As u can imagine there were alot of shouting and raucous laughter. Have a good time live mum dad Jordan max and stinkie josh and dex

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  25. Hey Skye just reading Canberra blog looks like your having a lot fun, I'm glad you very able to catch with your brother and twins missing you heaps
    Love mum

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