Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Day Three

Southern Hills Christian College students are participating in the Last Post Ceremony
on Sunday 28 June 2015 commencing at 4.55pm EST (2.55pm Western Australia time)

You will be able to view the live stream of the ceremony by clicking here.

Our students will be laying a wreath at the ceremony.

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Hello everyone!
The Australian Institute of Sport was the first place we travelled to today. We took a tour and saw the Australian gymnasts training. We were lucky to see them doing flips on the floor and on the bars. It was so good. We’re having an awesome time.
Hello everyone back home.
Today we visited the Australian Institute of Sport where we were given a brief tour and talk about the gymnastics training centre, the volleyball court, the swimming pool and gym. We were told many interesting facts about both the training centres and the athletes. The last thing we did at the AIS was to participate in fun games and exercises in the activity room. It was a fun and interesting experience.
            Before I go, I’d like I’d just like to say that there is a special thing out there that I really miss, and that would be my bed. Oh wait…and my family. I love you mum, dad and Kai.

Today we went to the zoo and it was cool. We saw fish, lions, tigers, monkeys, birds, bears and my favourite, the snow leopard. They were beautiful. In fact, one of them only had one eye. Some of us got to hold a snake and feed a lion.
I miss you mum and Mr Cat.
Today we visited the National Zoo and Aquarium and I saw a white lion. I didn’t get to feed it, but some other people did. I recorded all of the feeding and it was pretty cool. When Mrs Doyle fed the lion, she bent down and looked it in the eyes and the lion growled. My second favourite part was the tiger. The tiger was very calm, but when we went up to the fence it would become hyped. The tiger looked so smooth, I just wanted to pat it.
Hi everyone!
We went to the National Zoo t day and we saw some cute animals. We saw lions, monkeys, lizards and fish in the aquarium. We also saw snakes, a giraffe and emus. It was a lot of fun in the aquarium where we saw sharks.
We were lucky enough to take a tour around the zoo with one of the keepers. She let us pat a snake and then walk around the aquarium by ourselves. It was so much fun. At the end of the day, we got to go around the zoo again where we saw a zoo keeper feeding the white lion. We were all able to go to the gift shop at some stage. It was a fun day.
Thanks for reading and I miss you mum and dad.

We all had a great time at the zoo.  We took so many photos - our memory cards are probably full.

At the start we went to the aquarium.  We had two choices.  Hold a snake or feed a white lion.  After we did these two activities, our tour guide took us to a walk through enclosure.  We all fed an emu and surprisingly they only pecked out of our hands.

We split up into groups and explored the zoo.  This day at the zoo was a cool day and everyone enjoyed it.  As we left we past the last enclosure - the elvis monkeys!

Hi I am Ben.

We went to AIS today.  When we arrived we wnet into the figt shop.  Then we looked at the pool.  It is one of the technological pools in the world.  It has cameras and an underwater room for the coaches.  It has a portable diving platform to readjust the pool length.  

We then headed to the hm and saw a few men working out and got told a man lifted 100kg with just his legs.  Then we went to the indoor volleyball court and gymnastics centre.  I wished that I had done gymnastics because their muscles were huge!

We finished the tour at Sportex.  There was a football, rowing and soccer simulator.  I went on the climbing wall, chin-up bar, bike, and arm wrestling bench.

We then left and had lunch and were lucky enough to get a few signatures from some of the gymnasts.


  1. Hi Riley

    It looks like are being kept very busy haha, the zoo looks great, hope you are taking lots of photos to
    Show us
    Love you Mum Dad Chloe xx

  2. Hi Sam hope you are having a great time, it was really good to talk to you today.lots of love Mum. Dad and Maddy xxxx

  3. Hello Jamie, we just watched the live stream from the War Memorial. We are really enjoying keeping up with all your activities. We miss you. Love Mum, Dad, Kieran, Happy and Caspar xxxx

  4. Hi Brianna. We are all missing you. We hope you have a magical holiday and make memories that will last a lifetime. Love from all your family xoxo

  5. Hi Joel,

    We all hope you are having a good time, it has been great to see you in the photos and hear everyone's stories.

    Dad says he missed you today while he was chainsawing the wood as you would usually be his helper.

    Cerise is enjoying her new job, and the fact that they "make" her eat ice-cream and drink milkshakes.

    Hope you are taking lots of photos to share with us!

    Love, Mum, Dad and Cerise xxx

  6. Hi Shelby Lou!

    It's awesome to see that you are doing so much in Canberra. We can't wait to have a look at all your photos.

    Macy is still wandering into your room, destroying your bean bag and messing up your bed!

    Demi-Lee starts work experience tomorrow morning and is concerned that you won't be able to check that her eyebrows are on point.

    Dad misses you very much and is on the count down to your return.

    As for me, well I'm super proud that you are embracing this experience and we get to see that beautiful smile that lights up your face.

    We are all looking forward to having you home.

    Love you oodles and oodles

    Mum, Dad, Demi-Lee and Macy xoxo