Monday, 29 June 2015

2015 Canberra Trip Day Five - Monday

"The calm before the snow-storm" - Well hopefully lots of snow!

Today was an eventful and educational day.  Our children have been excellent and commended everywhere they go for their excellent manners, obedience and great questions.

We are very proud of the way our students have managed themselves, shared with each other and cooperated throughout the trip.

We will endeavour to send lots of photos from the snowfields tomorrow.

Keep praying for us - in particular for lots of snow, safety as we travel and powerful growing opportunities for our young crew.


Gavin Nancarrow

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Year 6

Today was great for people to get some space information.   We went to the Deep Space complex.  We spent half of the day going there and learning about what is going on in exploration and the other planets.  Then we had a look around at the Mars rover and a space suit and the 2015 Horizon Project to arrive near Pluto on the 14 July 2015 at 9.50pm EST.  We also got a good view of the five satellite communication dishes talking to space craft.  After all of that we had an amazing lunch.
Dad, Mum, Liz, Peter, Nae, Daniel and Stephen,  I love you  XXXOOXO please post an embarrassing comment.  Phillip
The highlight of my day was the Canberra Deep Space Centre, where our guide (who programs satellites) explained about space and where some of the things like zip lock bags and roll ups had been used going to the moon.  We also got to see what a space suit was made of and plenty of other things including the mission to Pluto with Voyager I that communicated with Earth by talking to some of the satellite radio dishes on the site.

Year 7

Today at the Deep Space Centre it was pretty cool.  We did stuff like looking at space suits and how the astronauts went to the moon.  It was also interesting how they surveyed and gathered information on other planets such as the moon, Pluto and Ceres.  They used robots to gather everything from all the planets except the moon.
Hi everyone,
Today we went to CSIRO Deep Space Centre.  It was a long drive so we got to listen to music on the way, which was awesome.  There were lots of things I didn’t know about space.  The presenter was talking to us also showed us a video of what discoveries have been made recently in our solar system.  We also had a challenge to find out who was the first woman on the moon.  Then we had lunch outside in the sun.
The visit to Geoscience was so fun,  we kind of did work and looked at rocks.  There were some awesome priceless crystals and a lot more.  We also got to see how much we were worth in gold.  Also we learnt about earthquakes and seismographs.  It’s actually pretty simple machines with wires underground that detect vibrations and these send it back to the machine and it records it down.
Today was very scientific, it all started off good.  I think we learned something today, like I didn’t know there were bigger suns and more planets.  My most favourite place today was CSIRO.  It was fun and I liked the little activities and we all had a little laugh and lots of fun.  We are about to go to and have dinner and go to bed and get ready for tomorrow.  So today was a big science day.


  1. loving the photos Jennaya you're always smiling which is pleasing to see. Enjoy the snow tomorrow. Looking forward to cuddles on Wednesday night
    Love you more and most
    Dad xxx

  2. Hello Kade U :-)
    We are missing you a million out of 12 and love you a million and 45!
    Can't wait to see you Wed night and give you a smooch! I hope you have a fantastic day at the snow tomorrow ️xx mwah!!
    We love the photos you guys are looking awesome and looks like so much fun!

    Xxxxxx loads of love mum, lyla, seth, josie, Daisy and Echo :-)

  3. Hi Daniel, looks like your having lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Your baby brother keeps looking for you around the house calling out your name.
    Lots of love Ash, Mum, Aaron, master I and master K xxx

  4. Hi Joel
    We enjoyed seeing all the photos of you and your classmates - it looks like you are getting to see and do lots.
    Thank you for your message - we are missing you too. (Your sister is enjoying having more talking time in your absence, but she said that she misses you! And she noticed that your message said only missing Mum and Dad, so you may need to give her a hug when you see her!)
    We remember that you are particularly looking forward to the snow tomorrow, so we can't wait to see the photos tomorrow, and we're sure you and your friends will have a great time.
    See you in two days time and counting,
    Love Mum and Dad and Cerise xxx

  5. Hey Mattman,
    I saw a photo of you being attacked by giant bees, I hope you have recovered OK!

    Here’s hoping that as you all re-enact the Hoth Battle that no one gets stepped on by an AT-AT. Please don’t enter any snow caves, as a Wampa may be inside and last time I saw one, it seemed to be both angry and hungry. But most of all, remember that if you get really, really cold you can always rely on the ‘inner warmth’ of a Tauntaun, but then no one will sit next to you on the bus trip back.

    Keep enjoying yourself and I’ll see you on Wednesday night. Since you’ll be acclimatised to the cold we can always drive home with the car roof open and our beanies on.

    Love Dad

  6. P.S
    I'm serious about the snow cave Wampa warning, because if you come home with no arms then I'll have to mow the lawn from now on, and more importantly I won't have anyone to play Co-Op Battefront with when it comes later this year...unless you learn to use PS4 a controller with your feet ;-)

  7. Hi Brianna. It’s Bernadette here, mum’s #1 possum.  As much as your horse says she is inconvenienced with your departure (she was quoted as saying that no-one cleans the poop from her rugs quite like you do) I on the other hand am rather excited that you have vacated your room as I have taken up residency. Once I finally get rid of the horse figurines and trophies this room will be mine.  Next the world ..o0(insert maniacal laugh here). I’m sure you won’t mind sharing with one of your brothers from now on.

    1. Asha and Brie will have to share somewhere as we've changed Asha's room into our Zen Den... hahaha... sorry Ash tee hee hee

  8. Hello Travy!!! Pleeeeeaase build me a snowman!!! Loving all the photos, you look so happy. Enjoy Snow day!!!! Love you lots, from Mum xxxxxxx

  9. Hi Irwin
    It's Penny and Milo sorry we didn't write earlier but Milo kept taking the mouse! We are both missing you but of course I miss you more, everyone knows dogs are a boys best friend not cats. I have decided humans can't count they keep saying how many sleeps until you come home, so I go to sleep but you are still away, not mention how much the cat sleeps you should have been home months ago! !
    To quote your 3yr old cousin "I haven't seen you for two years" I hope you are having lots of fun, enjoy the snow. Make a snow dog for me. Miss you and love you
    From Penny ave Milo

  10. Hi Lizzie Lou

    It's so great to keep up with what you are all doing while you are away. The blog and photos are awesome. Nan and Andrew came for dinner last night and we were talking about your trip and hoping for lots of snow for you all today. They all say "hi"! Keep having fun. See you soon you big baboon! Lots of Love Mum, Jamie and Bozo xoxo

  11. Hey Kadey it was awesome talking to you the other day mum and dad are missing you heaps and heaps and so am I, i am actually surprised at how sad i am that i don't have a roommate at the moment, i hope you have heaps of fun at the snow today it is really awesome. I love you so much and can't wait to hear all your stories tomorrow. Love, Keegan.

  12. Hi Jordyn! Looks like you had a really interesting day... I probably would have loved it... Hope you've had a great day today and that there is lots of soft snow for you. We miss you so very much and can't wait to see you!
    All our love, Mum, Dad, Zack, Mia and the animals xxxx

  13. Can't wait to see you Giorgia! Missing you heaps but am glad you are having fun. Loads and loads and loads of love Mum xxxxx

  14. Hi mitchell ! Looks like you are having a great time :) We miss you especially hannah love mumsy :)

  15. Hi Emily,
    Just to let you know that Elliot is ok and just a little sore but should be out of hospital tomorrow. Pinky is missing you :-) lots of love,
    Mum and Dad